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Treatments offered

Your skin's unique needs deserve the best care. Before embarking on any treatment journey or dermatological procedure, a personalized consultation is essential. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities.

Anti-Ageing Treatments


Injectable treatment to add volume and contour to the face and lips.

Anti-Ageing Treatments

HIFU treatment

Non-surgical facelift treatment using ultrasound technology.

Anti-Ageing Treatments

Vampire Facial (PRP Skin)

Skin rejuvenation treatment using platelet-rich plasma from the patient's own blood.

Anti-Ageing Treatments

Wrinkle Relaxer

Injected treatment to temporarily reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Anti-Ageing Treatments

Yuskin GFC (GFC Skin)

Anti-aging treatment that uses growth factor concentrate to improve skin texture and reduce fine lines.

Cosmetic Treatments

BB Glow

Semi-permanent foundation treatment that creates a glowing and even complexion.

Cosmetic Treatments


An innovative treatment that restores natural-looking eyebrows. Our Dermapen treatment can also help enhance the texture and appearance of your skin, reducing the appearance of issues such as pores, stretch marks, scars, wrinkles, and uneven skin.

Cosmetic Treatments


Permanent makeup treatment that enhances features such as eyebrows, eyeliner, and lips.

Hair Treatments

GFC Hair Loss Treatment

GFC Hair Loss Treatment for effective, non-surgical hair restoration.

Hair Treatments

Hair Botox

Hair Botox for revitalizing and rejuvenating dull, damaged hair.

Hair Treatments

PRP Hair Regrowth Treatment

PRP Hair Regrowth Treatment to promote natural hair growth and prevent hair loss.

Hair Treatments

QR678 Hair Growth Treatment

QR678 Hair Growth Treatment for accelerating hair growth and improving hair density.

Skin Treatments

Chemical Peel

Reveal brighter, smoother, and more even skin with our customized chemical peel treatments that target acne, fine lines, and hyperpigmentation.

Skin Treatments

Melasma Treatment

Reduce the appearance of dark patches on your skin caused by hormonal imbalances, sun damage, or genetics with our personalized treatment plans.

Skin Treatments

Microneedling with Dermapen

Rejuvenate your skin with this minimally invasive treatment that stimulates collagen production and improves texture.

Skin Treatments

Pigmentation Treatment

Address uneven skin tone and discoloration with our advanced pigmentation treatments that brighten and even out your complexion.

Skin Treatments

Profhilo Treatment

Improve your skin quality and appearance with our non-surgical therapy.

Skin Treatments

Skin Consultation

Let our experts help you identify your skin type and recommend the best treatments for your unique needs.

Skin Treatments

Skin Tags, Warts, and Moles Removal

Let us safely and effectively remove unwanted skin growths for a smoother and blemish-free complexion.

Skin Treatments

Vampire Facial

Restore your skin's radiance and youthful glow with this non-surgical treatment that uses your own blood platelets to stimulate collagen production.

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